Saying Good-bye to Cindy Sower, Community Advocate, SVANC Board Member, and Great Friend

We mourn the tragic loss of our great friend, the Sun Valley Area Neighborhood Council Treasurer, Cindy Sower.

This is one of those impossible things to try to understand. We were at a board meeting Tuesday night setting the agenda and having a pleasant time with chatter about the election and left about 8:30PM. I received the very sad news the next morning of her sudden passing.

Cindy was a woman of conviction, strength, deep faith, immeasurable joy and with the biggest heart imaginable.

She had many passions. Though her boys always came first, Sun Valley was also at the top of her list. She grew up here, and her business, Sun Valley Equipment Rentals that her father started in 1959, is in Sun Valley. Please read below the touching tributes by our elected officials.

We extend our sincere condolences to Michael and Kenji, to Cindy’s sister, Gwen Davies and to all her family and friends. This is a terrible loss for us all.

Mike O’Gara,

SVANC President
March 6, 2020