Sun Valley Area Neighborhood Council

Sun Valley Area Neighborhood Council

2019 SVANC Board of Directors with City Councilmembers Nury Martinez (5th from Left) and Paul Krekorian (in suit)

Help make Sun Valley a better place to work, live, drive, and thrive!
All are welcome to attend our meetings.
Our Regular meeting is held on the SECOND TUESDAY of EVERY MONTH, 6:30-8:30 PM.

Date Time Event Type Location Details
July 9,

Villa Scalabrini Retirement Center
Assembly Room
10631 Vinedale Street (MAP)
(north of Glenoaks Bl., near Sunland Bl.)
Sun Valley, CA 91352
(plentiful parking available in front)
(Mail not accepted at this address)
Agenda available
3-5 days
in advance
of meeting *

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Do you know about Assembly Bill 516?
If passed, it will not allow the
towing of vehicles in the City of LA

At the June 11th City Council Board Meeting, the councilmembers passed Resolution 19-0002-S50 that opposed AB-516. AB-516 has already passed the Assembly and is now on to the State Senate.

AB516 (Summary): Repeals existing law that authorizes peace officers to tow vehicles for having five or more delinquent parking or traffic violations, for leaving a vehicle on a road for 72 or more consecutive hours, and for a having a lapsed vehicle registration in excess of six months. Major Provisions: 1) Repeals existing law that authorizes peace officers to tow vehicles for having five or more delinquent parking violations, for leaving a vehicle on a road for 72 or more consecutive hours, and for a having a lapsed vehicle registration in excess of six months. 2) Repeals existing law allowing for an immobilization of a vehicle that has five or more unpaid parking or traffic tickets.

Please be aware, LA City has a program in place to allow the homeless to serve community time to pay off any parking or impound fees. SVANC voted to OPPOSE AB-516 and to submit a CIS to the LA City Council to support their Resolution that opposes AB-516:
SVANC supports Council File #19-0002-S50 OPPOSING AB-516 which removes the authority of law enforcement or public employees from towing vehicles not in compliance with current CA registration laws, having accumulated over 5 parking citations, or ignoring the 72-hour parking restriction. This will have a severe and negative impact to Sun Valley.

Driving is a privilege. Citations are issued when the vehicle owner/driver ignores the law. Registrations and license fees are paid to ensure our roads and streets are safe as well as the vehicles traveling on them. Though it is a valid point that people without financial reserves can ill afford the tow and impound fees, the answer is not to legislate that no one will be subject to the parking & car registration laws. This is incredible legislative overreach, not taking into account the unique city and community conditions existing across the state, particularly in the City of Los Angeles. For LA, the ramifications of AB-516 are:
  • Parking of RVs and other vehicles used as primary housing will not need to move and street cleaning of the trash and human waste that has collected around those areas will not be possible.
  • Vans used as advertising will proliferate, as they will be allowed free parking and not need to be operational. This will expand an existing business model to the detriment of our communities.
  • It will be impossible to tell what vehicles are abandoned. No one will need to pay towing to a salvage-yard as they can be abandoned on the street. Auto salvage-yards will expand their business onto our streets.
We support the LAPD by not supporting AB-516. It removes the ability of law enforcement to deal effectively with issues of quality of life, public safety, nuisance, blight and other unintended consequences.

If you are interested in making your voice heard on this important piece of legislation, you can take the following action: Write your State Senator. (If you do not know who that is, go here: ) It has been recommended that the best way to let your senator know your thoughts is to go to their website and fill in the form on their contact page. The two State Senators who represent Sun Valley are:

Also, you can easily get an account on the California Legislature Position Letter Portal. Just Create an Account, and after you confirm, you will be able to send a letter or post your comments to the Legislature about AB 516.

If you have friends in other parts of the state, please make this pending legislation known to them and encourage them to write their state senator as well as making their community aware of it. If you know any journalists, drop them an email expressing your concern.

Apply by May 27, 2019

Represent your Sun Valley community! The SVANC has open board seats that need to be filled by board appointment:

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Approved applications will be voted on by the SVANC board at the monthly meeting following the application date. Thank you for your interest!

Summer Sun Valley Library Programs!

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Allegheny Park Community Meetings
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(there will be NO Coffee Time in August for Sun Valley)

Come to Denny's on Vineland Blvd. near Strathern in Sun Valley on the first Tuesday of most months, from approximately 8AM-9AM. Meet your local Foothill Division Senior Lead Officers along with other local representatives. Everyone is welcome to stop by and address any questions or concerns in an informal environment.
[8022 Vineland Ave. (north of Strathern) - CLICK FOR MAP]

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About Los Angeles Neighborhood Councils

Neighborhood Councils were created through the 1999 Los Angeles City Charter reform package (Article IX) to promote citizen participation in government, better connect residents with their city government, and to make government more responsive to local needs. Neighborhood councils are direct links to our City Council and City governmental departments.

Neighborhood Councils are composed of volunteers from your community, elected by you, our stakeholders: those who live, work, own property or a business in Sun Valley. The Board consists of community stakeholders, just like you, who regularly meet to discuss and prepare presentations and address issues of needs and concerns of the local community and those affecting all of Los Angeles.

Neighborhood Councils work as a locally accessible arm of the City, working together to influence decisions and accomplish common goals for the City and within our local neighborhoods ... where we live, work, play, shop, study, and raise our families.

Additionally, Neighborhood Councils including the SVANC have Committees dedicated to specific concerns of the community and city, such as Beautification, Community Outreach, Planning & Land Use, Emergency Preparedness, etc. Anyone can attend these meetings.

We need and encourage your participation -- whatever time and talent you can volunteer. Join your fellow neighbors at our next meeting. All meetings of the SVANC are open to stakeholders and interested parties.

We are your community. Be part of your neighborhood council and help to change and empower our community. All for One - and One for All!