Sun Valley Area Neighborhood Council


Board Member Orientation

This is a handy reference of documents to keep board members informed. This information covers the basics that new board members need, and serves as a reference point when a refresher or more detail is needed.

Click Here to Access the SVANC Board Member ORIENTATION Page

Board Member Funding and Ethics Training

Board members must take "Ethics" training every 2 years, along with "Funding" training, in order to be able to vote on funding related agenda items. Candidates should go through the training process to be prepared to vote on funding items in case they win a seat. Anyone can go through the training for educational purposes.

Please note that the instructions and training may seem more complicated than they really are. As long as you follow the basic information and principles, it will "make more sense" as you gain experience in office. There are also many aspects of the Ethics training that are not typically encountered in the Neighborhood Council experience.

If you have questions or are having computer issues, please contact us for assistance (email: or leave a message at 818-767-8262). We are happy to help you get fully certified.

Click Here to Access the SVANC ETHICS Training Information Page

Click Here to Access the SVANC FUNDING Training Information Page (be sure to take the quiz and register with the City Clerk's office)

When your training is complete, you need to report this information to the SVANC and self-register with EmpowerLA.
Click Here to Access EmpowerLA's Boardmember Registration Information Page

Board Member NC Code of Conduct Policy Information and Registration

Per EmpowerLA, all Neighborhood Council board members are required to read, sign, and submit a Code of Conduct Policy document OR go through a training alternative within 30 days of being newly elected or appointed.

Click Here to access the Neighborhood Council Code of Conduct Policy Information Page