Sun Valley Area Neighborhood Council


Board Member NC Funding Training Information

EmpowerLA requires Board members to take Funding Training (along with Ethics Training, covered separately) in order for a board member to be able to vote on finance related matters. Funding Training, also known as "Checking Account Training" is taken once.

There is "General" training (the minimum required for voting eligibility), covering use of public funds. For those who may become a Treasurer, Second Signatory, Alternate Signatory, or Bank Card Holder, this requires a special "Full Treasurer's Training" that additionally includes information necessary to manage funds for a neighborhood council and to interact with the Finance website. Please contact us if you wish information on the extended (Treasurer's) training.

Please note that these instructions and the training may seem more complicated at first than they really are. As long as you follow the basic information and principles given, it will make more sense as you gain experience in office. In other words, don't be overwhelmed by the amount of information given out all at once - it may take time to absorb.

This training should be taken by candidates in advance, in anticipation of possible future board seating. The video and slideshow may also be viewed by anyone who has an interest in NC finance issues.

During election cycles EmpowerLA provides group training classes in conjunction with the City Attorney's office. In between election cycles, this training is provided online.

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Watch the "Neighborhood Council Funding Training" Video on YouTube
(Adobe Flash required). This runs about 11 minutes.

Click HERE to open the 11 Minute Neighborhood Council Funding Training on YouTube

Complete the "Neighborhood Council Funding Quiz" on SurveyMonkey

Click HERE to complete the Funding QUIZ and Registration

IMPORTANT! The third section (the one that follows where you enter your personal information) is your SCORE along with your answers. This is the only time your score is visible so if you want a copy for your records, print it now. Also if you need to provide proof of training within a week or two, you will need to print this page and provide it to the SVANC Secretary. (A record is sent to the Dept. of Neighborhood Empowerment [DONE] but takes a week or two for the update to become available.)