Sun Valley Area Neighborhood Council


NC Board Member Orientation Information

First, board members, or those considering to apply for board membership, need to complete the following from this checklist. Ethics and Funding should be completed in advance, and done in this order.

Ethics Training (per CA state law and to be able to vote on funding items) (no grace period) - you will be issued a certificate of completion that must show 2 hours or more has been taken for the training. This certificate must name us as the organization and be signed and dated by you, and sent to the SVANC Secretary*.
NC Funding Training (to be able to vote on funding items) (no grace period) - Watch the 11 minute NC Funding video (be ready for quiz that follows)
Funding Quiz & Registration Take a simple quiz and register with the City Clerk's office.
Boardmember Registration Provide basic information about yourself and indicate the training you have accomplished, through EmpowerLA.
Take Code of Conduct Training OR Sign a Code of Conduct Certificate (30 day grace period) - this can be done by reading a document or watching a short video, then signing an acknowledgement online (send a copy of the confirming email with signature intact to the SVANC Secretary*), or a hard copy signed and given to the SVANC Secretary. After 30 days of the election/appointment, if not signed and submitted, the boardmember will be removed from the board.

*SVANC Secretary email:

Information on these trainings is found on the SVANC Board Member Reference page

BEYOND THE BASICS: Become Familiar with the SVANC Bylaws, Standing Rules, and principles

The Bylaws & Standing Rules page contains the documents which cover the rules governing SVANC operations.
SVANC Code of Civility   (read at each board meeting)
SVANC Mission Statement

Here is a list of documents that new board members will find instructive

Please note: Some of these EmpowerLA documents won't print properly unless you uncheck "Choose paper source by PDF page size" on the PDF print screen. This option may not show up if printing directly from a web browser.

Rosenberg's Rules of Order   A simplified version of Robert's Rules of Order for local governmental entities
Rosenberg's Rules "Cheat Sheet"   Helpful information for running and participating in meetings
Brown Act " Quick Hits "   A condensed reference to California's Brown Act (open government)
Brown Act Serial Communications   Discusses "serial" meetings and how to avoid them