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SVANC board seats become available for two reasons: 1) approximately half of the elected board seats are up for election every two years [odd-year election cycle as of 2017], and, 2) as seats are vacated due to the resignation of board members.

CANDIDATES: please read ALL the information on this page carefully
Interim/Yearly Open SVANC Board Seats Availability and Information
• Seats become available upon the resignation of a SVANC boardmember, and yearly for Senior & Youth Representative seats
• Interim terms are for the REMAINDER of the original term, which will be specified on the notice
• Vacant seats are filled by board appointment through a process determined by EmpowerLA, the SVANC Bylaws, and SVANC Standing Rules
• Included here are Senior Representative seats (age 55+), and Youth Representative seats (age 14-21); one year terms
• Senior and Youth Representative seats are usually seated in April or May of each year.
• Filing for all interim/yearly seats must be made prior to the last Tuesday of the prior month to when the appointment is to be made (generally in March for the yearly Senior/Youth seats). The exact filing date for each available seat will be provided on the notice.
• Senior and Youth Representative seats are not available through the regional/citywide NC elections.
• Applications for appointed seats are available on the SVANC.COM website in PDF format and are filed with the SVANC
• This is NOT part of the 2 year regional/citywide Neighborhood Council election cycle
• After reviewing the link below, if you have questions or concerns on the appointment process or need assistance, please contact us at or call 818-767-8262 and leave a message.
Click HERE for Information on SVANC Interim Appointed Board Seats
Election Information for Candidates and Voters
Candidate registration for the citywide election is NOW CLOSED for our region. The next election cycle is 2021. Information is included for reference.
• Terms are for four years
Seats available in 2021: (3) Resident; (3) Business; (2) At Large; (1) Community Interest
Seats available in 2023: (4) Resident; (4) Business; (4) At Large; (0) Community Interest
• Seating occurs at the next monthly meeting following the certification of the election, after a five day period to allow for challenges has passed, or after all challenges have been resolved.
• Please note: In 2017, the City Council extended current Neighborhood Council terms by one year to prevent overlap with citywide general elections in even years. 4 year terms ending in 2018 were extended to 2019, and 4 year terms ending in 2020 were extended to 2021.

A Message from the SVANC Election Committee to Potential Candidates

Hello and Welcome To The Sun Valley Area Neighborhood Council (SVANC).

We on the Election Committee would like to talk to you about running for office in the SVANC!

The SVANC is a local neighborhood branch of City government. Though the SVANC does not have the ability to mandate any action, we are advisory to the Los Angeles City Council and other City entities such as the Zoning and Planning departments. For instance, the LADWP (Department of Water and Power) is supposed to consult with the neighborhood councils before they take action on items such as rate hikes.

The City funds each neighborhood council equally each year. For fiscal year 2015-2016, the SVANC will receive $42,000 to be spent in our neighborhoods, for activities including community outreach, community improvement, keeping our stakeholders informed, elections (the city does not subsidize neighborhood council elections), and some administrative overhead.

Members of SVANC are elected from four categories;  Business people in the community, Residents of the community, At-Large and Community Interest Stakeholders who may be members of local community organizations, local Faith Based organizations, or people who declare a stake in our neighborhood and affirm the factual basis for it.  The term of office is four years.

We also have two Senior Representative seats (age 55+) and two Youth Representative seats (age 14-21) that are filled by board appointment yearly.

There is no remuneration. This is strictly a volunteer position. But this is a wonderful learning experience! You will gain knowledge and insight into the inner workings of the City government, and find out things at our meetings that are not often publicized in the media. Plus you will have closer access to your city leadership to enable you to make a real difference in your neighborhood.

Our board members meet with the public once a month (every second Tuesday) at Villa Scalabrini Retirement Center, 10631 Vinedale Street, in Sun Valley (see our home page at for directions and a map). Our meetings last about two hours, and are attended by various local, county, state and federal officials, and public safety officers.

In addition, there are Committees that look into Outreach, Community Affairs, Planning and Zoning, Beautification, Emergency Preparedness, etc., issues. These committees generally meet once a month for about an hour, and membership is open to all stakeholders as defined in our Bylaws. Some boardmembers also attend meetings of the City Council, the School Board, Housing Board, and various LA City Council Committee meetings.

Please contact us for more information on this worthwhile effort. Please call us at 818-767-8262 and leave a voicemail message (we will be notified), or E-mail us at

YOU can make a difference. You can help improve the quality of life for your neighbors.

Thank you for your consideration.